Project Description Year Links Simple driving log service (V1: Angular 5 + Firebase, V2: Ruby On Rails) 2018 Website
Lappbill Invoice generator (C++, QT5) 2017 Code
Project Starter Simple project laucher program (C#) 2017 Code
Godot Engine Made contribution to the engine 2017 Commits
Lappdent website Website code, not design (html, css, js, php) 2017 Website
JAMK comrade JAMK Timetable, Aimo menu website & telegram bot (php) 2016 Code
Bubblesort vs. Mergesort Algorithms course work (C++) 2016 Code
Ghost Spawner Small 2D game engine and game (C# & SDL2) 2016 Code
Adventurous Syntax Ported Adventurous syntax to Sublime Text 2016 Code
FightSimulator6000 Basics of programming course work (C++) 2016 Code
Narrow Jump Fork of Flappybalt (Haxe & HaxeFlixel) 2014 Code
Banjo & Boris Game production course work (Javascript & ImpactJS) 2013 Code
Hangover Guy Warning: Horror (Visual Basic) 2012 Code