Markus Jylhänkangas

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Project Description Year Links
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PDF Arranger App to reorganize PDF pages on iOS (Swift) 2019 App Store
Bachelor's thesis Integration of scientific and engineering applications into CERN’s computing resources 2019 Thesis
Spotify sanat Fetches lyrics for currently playing song on Spotify using Musixmatch (NodeJS, React) 2019 Code
Lappbill Invoice generator (C++, QT5) 2017 Code
Project Starter Simple project laucher program (C#) 2017 Code
Godot Engine Made contribution to the engine 2017 Commits
Lappdent website Website code, not design (html, css, js, php) 2017 Website
JAMK comrade JAMK Timetable, Aimo menu website & telegram bot (php) 2016 Code
Ghost Spawner Small 2D game engine and game (C# & SDL2) 2016 Code
Adventurous Syntax Ported Adventurous syntax to Sublime Text 2016 Code
FightSimulator6000 Basics of programming course work (C++) 2016 Code
Narrow Jump Fork of Flappybalt (Haxe & HaxeFlixel) 2014 Code
Banjo & Boris Game production course work (Javascript & ImpactJS) 2013 Code
Hangover Guy Warning: Horror (Visual Basic) 2012 Code